Counselors » Juniors


  • Check with your counselor to make sure your course credits will meet college requirements.
  • Be sure you are involved in one or two extracurricular activities.
  • Begin building your own online college admissions and applications file in your Personal Organizer at

  • Register for and take the PSAT

  • Strive to get the best grades you can. Now, a serious effort will provide you with most options during your applications process.

  • Get involved in a community service activity.
  • Begin to read newspapers and a weekly news magazine and keep updated on college news at

  • With your school counselor, decide when to take the ACT/SAT.
  • Keep your grades up!

  • Plan a challenging schedule of classes for your senior year.
  • Think about which teachers you will ask to write recommendations.
  • Check for schedules and locations of college fairs.

  • Register for the test you will take this spring (ACT/SAT).
  • Meet with your school counselor to discuss college choices.
  • Review your transcript and test scores with you counselor to determine how competitive your range of choices should be.
  • Develop a preliminary list of 15 to 20 colleges and universities and search for information on them.
  • Start scheduling campus visits. When school is in session (but never during final exams) is the best time. Summers are okay but will not show you what the college is really like. If possible, save your top college choices for the fall. Be aware, however, that fall is the busiest visit season, and you will need advance planning. (Don’t forget to write thank-you letters to your interviewers.)

  • Take any standardized test you have registered for.
  • In your CollegeQuest Personal Organizer, create a list of your potential college choices and begin to record personal and academic information that can be later transferred to your college applications.

  • Plan college visits and make appointments.
  • Structure your summer plans to include advanced academic work, travel, volunteer work, or a job. See for help.
  • Confirm your academic schedule for fall

  • In your Personal Organizer at , begin working on your application essays.
  • Write to any colleges on your list that do not accept the Common or Universal Applications to request application forms.
  • Buy the latest edition of Peterson’s Guide to Four-Year Colleges.