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  • Mail or send early applications electronically after carefully checking them to be sure they are neat and completely filled out.
  • Photocopy or print extra copies of your application to use as a backup.
  • Take the test you have registered for.
  • Don’t be late! Keep track of all deadlines for transcripts, recommendations, etc.

  • Be sure that you have requested your ACT/SAT scores be sent to your colleges of choice.
  • Complete and submit all applications that is accepted at more than 1,200 colleges. This makes it easier for you to apply several colleges at once. The eApply feature houses the Universal Application, the Common Applications, and other custom college applications. Print of photocopy and extra copy for you records.

  • Take any necessary ACT/SAT test.
  • Meet with your counselor to verify that all is in order and that transcripts are out to colleges.

  • Prepare the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at or through your school counseling office. An estimated income tax statement (which can be corrected later) can be used. The sooner you apply for financial aid, the better your chances.

  • Send in your FAFSA via the Web or U.S. mail.
  • Be sure your midyear report has gone out to the colleges to which you’ve applied.
  • Let your colleges know of any new honors or accomplishments that were not in your original application.

  • Register for any Advanced Placement (AP) test your might take.
  • Be sure you have received a FAFSA acknowledgment.

  • Review the acceptances and financial aid offers your receive.
  • Go back to visit one or two of your top-choice colleges.
  • Notify your college of choice of your decision to attend.

  • Take AP test.


Congratulations and best of luck!