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9th & 10th

High School Success for 9th and 10th Graders
Career/Education Planning

Ann Leal, Counselor

TAMS Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science - University of North Texas

TAMS is a unique residential program for high school-aged Texas students who are high achievers and interested in Mathematics and Science.  

TAMS students complete their last two years of high school concurrently with the first two years of college at UNT. 

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Things to consider:

Think About~
“What are the consequences of academic dishonesty?”

Think About~ “What do you want to become out of high school?”
  • College-4 yr degree or associates degree 2 yr
  • Technical School-certificate
  • Explore different careers also Military
Think About~ Financial Aid (Senior year)
  • Apply for Admission to College
  • Scholarships (check our website and research)
  • PSAT (Sophomore year)
  • ACT /SAT and PSAT (Junior year)