Dual Credit


Many opportunities for students to earn Dual Credit (both high school and college credit) exist at Orange Grove High School due to partnerships developed with local institutions of higher learning. 


English 1301, 1302, 2322, & 2323 (combinations of English III and English IV) are facilitated at Orange Grove High School. Spanish 2311 & 2312 (Spanish III) is taught by a teacher who has a Masters degree and is certified through Coastal Bend College.  If a student wants to take other dual enrollment courses, we have a Memorandum of Understanding with Costal Bend College which allows students to take other courses offered at a reduced tuition rate.  These courses are weighted for grade point average purposes and students may begin taking dual credit courses as early as their 9th grade year upon meeting all requirements.  Your counselor can answer any other questions you may have about dual credit classes and advise you regarding course requirements and registration. 


We have a welding program at Orange Grove High School that is taught by one of our vocational agriculture teachers who is certified by CBC.  Students who successfully progress through this program for 3 years will receive Level 1 Welding Certificate from CBC.  Orange Grove High School pays for each of the welding courses in this program.


Orange Grove I.S.D. offers a Certified Nurses Aide Program through Del Mar College.  Students may begin in this program their junior year.  Upon successful course completion and passing the state test, students will receive their CNA certification.  During the spring semester, students take the phlebotomy and EKG portion of the program.  The goal is for each student to earn certificates in all three areas. Orange Grove High School pays for all of the expenses for this program.


The District enjoys a partnership with Craft Training Center in Corpus Christi where students can attend for welding and electrical certificates.  This is a strong program which allows juniors and seniors to work toward and earn their required certificates.  Students who successfully complete the program can take advantage of Craft Training Center’s job placement efforts.  Orange Grove High School pays for the welding and electrical programs at CTC as well.


For more information, please contact Ann Leal (school guidance counselor for freshman and sophomores) at 384-2330 ext. 1536 or Sandy Clark (school guidance counselor for juniors and seniors) at 384-2330 ext. 1503.

Dual Credit eligibility requirements include the following:


*Must be enrolled as a 9th grader to take Dual Credit Courses

*Must have approval of the high school counselor and principal

*Must register and pay tuition for the course at Coastal Bend College and purchase own textbooks and other necessities.

Must be Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exempt by one of the following:

*ACT :  Composition score of 23 with a minimum of 19 on the English test for reading and writing placement. You must have a 19 on the mathematics test for any math or science placement.

*SAT:  A combined verbal and mathematics score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on the verbal test and/or the mathematics test shall be exempt for those corresponding sections.

*TAKS: A student has an 11th grade TAKS score with a minimum of English Language Arts 2200 and a writing sample of a 3.  Both minimum scores are required to meet placement for reading and writing.  TAKS math score of a 2200 will exempt a student in math.

*STAAR EOC (10th grade): Rising juniors can qualify to enroll in a Dual Enrollment course if they score a Level 2 (2000) on the STAAR End of Course (EOC) English II in both reading & writing for any Duel Enrollment course other than math and science.  To be eligible for a science or math course, you must take a TSI assessment.

If you are not TSI exempt or waived, then you will need to take the TSI Assessment.  Before you take the assessment, you will need to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity.  The TSI Assessment is designed to provide more detailed information regarding your academic strengths and weaknesses.  If you complete the four hour Pre-Assessment Activity, take the TSI exam, and make the score needed then you will be eligible to enroll in a dual credit course.

Students who are working on Level 1 certificate do not have to be TSI exempt.  These programs are designed to enhance your occupational skills after graduating.  Contact the counselor for more information.


Dual Credit Courses Orange Grove High School facilitates on our campus:

English 1301/1302 Course number 9015                                 Welding 1421 Course number 9621

English 2322/2323 Course number 9016                                 Welding 1428 Course number 9660

Spanish 2311/2312 Course number 9073                                Welding 1430&1457 Course number 9661