Orange Grove Junior FFA

Dear FFA parents/guardians,


Below is some important items to keep you informed for the upcoming county fair show season:


1)  A copy of the JWCF validation dates is posted below.  For swine entries, make sure you call the OG Ag Building once you receive pigs.  Leave a message if there is no answer.


2)  EACH Jr. FFA exhibitor (will be in 3rd-8th grade) MUST complete and submit a Jr. FFA form.  A new form must be completed EACH year for our records. Dues will not be collected until the fair entry meeting.  These forms may be brought to the Ag building or emailed to an Ag teacher. 


3)  All students entering their freshman year MUST be enrolled in an Ag Science class to be eligible to show in the fair.


4)  If a high school student was enrolled in an Ag Science class for the ENTIRE previous school year, they may opt out of taking an Ag Science class for the current year ONLY and still be able to show. 


5)  The OG FFA Fair Entry meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, August 15 and Thursday, August 24.  Both nights will be from 5-8pm in the OGHS Ag Building.  Please mark these dates on your calendar as these are the ONLY dates OG FFA fair entries will be collected.  If entries are not completed on these dates, you will not be showing in the fair. 


6)  If you or your student are interested in participating in the JWCF Homemaking Division, please check the Jim Wells County Fair website and those rules.  The OG FFA Ag teachers will NOT be handling those entries this year.  You may still enter through OG FFA, but turning in forms, taking items, etc will be completed only by the exhibitor/parent. >>> click on “Exhibitors/Rule” >>>click on various Homemaking links


All of this information is posted on the OG FFA website and the dates are on the OGISD web calendar.  Any new information will be posted to these 2 locations.  Phone calls, emails, text messages, push notifications, and the OGISD app will NOT be used to send out information.  Feel free to contact the Ag teachers should you have any questions.


Documents Posted Below Include:
     -2017 Validation Dates
     -JWCF Entry Due Dates
     -JWCF Entry Information
     -Jr. FFA Form (pdf)
     -Jr. FFA Form (MS Word)
     -Fair Frequently Asked Questions
     -Thank You Note Policy
     -Record Book Instructions (for high school students only)
     -Record Book Form (for high school students only)
     -Buyer Letter Example